Sanatorium Oktyabrskiy

Plekhanova st., 34 b, Sochi, Krasnodar region, 354053

About sanatorium

On the coast of Black Sea in the district of Mamayka (resort town of Sochi), lies The Oktyabrsky Health Resort.

Few people know that the humble name Mamayka has Byzantine roots. It originates from Mamai-Kale, an ancient Byzantine fortress, and the ruins of the fortress can still be found nearby. Archaeological dig at ancient fortress site is still unearthing some incredible historical artifacts.

Local vegetation includes a particularly rich diversity of plants from Australia, China, Mexico and other exotic countries. The exhibits at Oktyabrsky zoo include dozens of rare animal species, including white lion, ligress, lamas, tigers, leopard and others. It’s the only wildlife sanctuary in Sochi. Sochi’s Plant Nursery is situated not far from the zoo.

Oktyabrsky has a private gravel beach, indoor swimming pool, water park with various pools and water rides. The sea resort will satisfy any requirements related to beach recreational activities of adults and children.

The modern style architecture is fresh, sophisticated and southerly picturesque. Spacious rooms in large brightly illuminated buildings remain cozy and comfortable. Our park has some gorgeous walking and hiking trails.

To improve employee’s productivity and wellbeing, our corporate clients prefer to hold their business events at Oktyabrsky. A perfect combination of work and play is always enthusiastically welcomed by all company personnel. Those of you taking part in tough negotiations, will strive to reach mutually beneficial agreements and finally discover the peace and tranquility of beautiful unspoiled nature by the seaside. For formal events Oktyabrsky offers an impressive business center.

The resort specializes is the treatment of cardiovascular and nervous system diseases, musculoskeletal and gynecological disorders, as well as dermatological diseases.

The hotel achieved 4 star rating.